Private Bookings

Ladies Nights, Kissograms, Strippergrams

Whether you are having a ladies night, a hen night or a girls night in or out, a birthday party, an anniversary bash or indeed just about any occasion to celebrate something special, heck, or even just for the fun of it! There is nothing like a fun and friendly men in uniform hunk to add some excitement and get the party jumping to higher heights as your strippergram enters the room! It can be a real uplifting and unique feeling to think that the hunk is there just for you and your party guests and will certainly add fun and some electricity to the atmosphere! Kissograms are also sometimes referred to as strippergrams, stripograms or even strip a grams! With a choice of uniforms from naval officer (an officer and a gentlemen), army soldiers, top gun pilots, American cops and British police uniforms…the list goes on! All in all, having our hunk attend your event can be a sure way to raise the roof, have loads more fun and create a party to remember forever our hunks are certainly enough to get anyone hot under the collar!

If you have a specific request, costume or uniform in mind for your occasion or if you have any questions then simply give us a call and we will do our very best to help, even if it’s just for some friendly advice.

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