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Men In Uniform

Male Revue Show

It’s time to sit back and relax, or cheer and shout, whatever takes your fancy, and let our Men In Uniform Male Revue Show do the work. With awesome hunks sporting your favourite uniforms, this thrilling and exciting show is enough to get anyone hot under the collar!

What is a Male Revue Show?

Something a bit different to a Ladies Night (Drag Queen plus Strippers) is a Male Revue (Group) show.

This includes a group of up to four professional strippers to perform together as well as individually.

Male Revue shows vary in prices but are different from your normal Ladies Night. Some Male Revue shows will charge alot for their services even if it’s in your local Social Club. Men In Uniform can cater for wherever they are performing and do understand not everyone has alot of money to spend. With 3-4 Perfomers you should expect an opening routine with at least two of the group. There should also be solo performances, maybe double shows and ending up with all the performers together on stage at the end for the Finale. If you’ve asked for your Male Revue to be naked make sure we know before the show starts, you don’t want to have 300 screaming girls in the crowd going mad when they dont reveal all!!! If we know before the event then we can get naked as promised and then no one will be disappointed. Our Male Revue show can vary in time and range from as little as 30 mins up to a whole nights entertainment, so make sure you say how long you want them to perform upon booking.

Men In Uniform can compere/host the night on the mic and will get the ladies in the crowd going. You might choose to add some more entertainment to your evening (depending on your budget) by including a Drag Queen to compere. Alternatively if you are looking for a cut price Male Revue, you might want to go for a 2 man show, but still with an opening double routine followed by solo spots and ending with a finale all together.

A Male Revue Show can be performed with a 2 man, 3 man or the 4 man show, all depending on your budget. All shows have been put together with dance routines along with some great music for you all to sing along to. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

The Men In Uniform male revue show can be tailored to each venues/individuals request. We will do our very best to accommodate almost any request so give us a call on 07956152366 for more info… or email us at


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