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As the saying goes “we love a man in uniform”,and just imagine actually dating one of these hunks! To have the strong arms of a gorgeous man in unform to hold you tight is enough to take anyones breath away with excitement! When we think of a handsome man in uniform the fun really begins as we start to visualize the many various unforms out there so let’s take a moment to think about our beefcakes in their kit!

Men in uniform dating-the uniforms and outfits!

There’s the policeman outfit. A favourite for many whether it’s the hunky British police officer or the hot American cop uniform.How about a sexy army soldier with there combat gear or smart miltary uniform! Another favourite is the hot and hunky fireman. This has got to be a contender for the most popular for sure as we picture being swept into the arms of a firefighting hero! Lastly  but by no means least is the ever popular gorgeous officer and a gentleman naval outift! Who can forget the famous scene in the film where the the lovely lady is picked up and carried out into the sunset by her hot officer man in that fantastic uniform! Enjoy the rest of the site while the writer takes a seat for a minute! And to think of men in uniform dating – Phew!

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